Sample Preparation System RP-10

  • Simultaneous homogenisation of up to 4 lymph nodes
  • Faster sample preparation with higher degree of standardisation
  • Easy to use and reduced workload
  • Optimised handling and storage of samples in a dedicated sample rack
  • Use of disposable dispersion aggregate (LYNOPREP BLADE SET)


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Homogenisation at its best – automated and efficient

Optimum sample preparation is essential to ensure reliable and accurate analysis. The RP-10 sample preparation system has been developed precisely for this purpose, providing a fully automated and efficient process to homogenise lymph node tissue under standardised conditions.

This optimised tissue preparation process allows analysis for the presence of metastases with the OSNA (One Step Nucleic Acid Amplification) molecular diagnostic test. The option of preparing several samples in a single step also saves time, making it particularly beneficial in intraoperative use. The closed system, featuring the use of special single-use dispersion aggregates with the allocated sample vials, also represents higher safety standards, avoiding potential contamination and ensuring added user safety.


The Lynopreb Blade Set

The special design of the dispersion aggregate and the allocated sample vials allows fast and efficient homogenisation of the lymph node tissue. Every aggregate is individually packed and guarantees the highest level of sterility. There is no need to clean or sterilise reusable tools, thereby freeing up laboratory staff for other tasks.

  • Streamlined homogenisation process
  • Greater level of standardisation
  • Minimised contamination risk
  • Reduced workload (no cleaning or sterilisation procedure)

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