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Sysmex Europe SE launches XR-Series, the new flagship product line for laboratory haematology

2023/07/14 – Norderstedt, Germany

XR-Series is the new flagship haematology analyser product line from Sysmex Europe SE. It builds on the well-known reliability and world-class technology of the XN-Series, its predecessor.

Sysmex Europe SE has launched their new flagship product line for laboratory haematology: XR-Series. After more than 10 years of haematology excellence with the XN-Series, this new product line features new, useful assets and improved throughput to meet any laboratory’s needs. The product line has already been launched in Japan, where the parent company Sysmex Corporation is located, and is now available in the EMEA region.

XR-Series has evolved from XN-Series – it draws on XN’s legacy by incorporating the many strong points that customers have come to appreciate and rely on in labs across the globe. Haematology labs can automate barcode reading, tube sorting and archiving, smear management and reagent management.

Sysmex Europe SE’s President and Chief Executive Officer, Alain Baverel, had the following to say about the launch: “With the launch of this highly-anticipated flagship XR-Series and successor to our well-known XN-Series, we aspire to continue the reliable diagnostics and services that we have always provided in haematology. The XR-Series is something we are extremely proud of, and it is something that labs can depend on. Haematology diagnostics is Sysmex’s core expertise, and we are always striving to evolve, innovate and make the best products possible not only for those operating them, but the patients who rely on them.”

Read more about the XR-Series and what it can offer labs here:

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