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CyFlow Cube 6

CyFlow Cube 6 je kompaktní a unikátně navržený pro všechny aplikace analýzy buněk a absolutní kvantifikace. CyFlow Cube 6 využívá 6 optických kanálů. Forward Scatter (FSC) a Side Scatter (SSC) v kombinaci s 4 fluorescenčními kanály (FL1-FL4). 


CyFlow: Intuitive software for CyFlow Cube 6

The newly designed, intuitive CyFlow acquisition and analysis software offers the measurement of millions of cells at your fingertips.

  • Quickly choose your plots for analysis from all of the combinations shown in Preview Mode.
  • Easily compare plots with the Overlay Wizard, for single or dual parameters.
  • Share and customise your results within your research organisation with the Report Generator.
  • Change your view with Zoom and V-Log Scale; you are even able to gate in Zoom Mode.
  • Compensate rapidly with the Compensation Wizard.
  • CyFlow optimally supports the True Volumetric Absolute Counting of the CyFlow Cube 6, displaying particle concentrations for any subsets of cells, even if defined by a gate at a later time after the acquisition.
Technická specifikace
Light sources Up to two simultaneous light sources (lasers) Blue laser: 50mW at 488nm
Red laser: 25mW at 638nm or 40mW at 640nm
Modular optical system with selected PMTs with integrated electronic preamplifier for FSC, SSC, FL1-FL4
Exchangeable optical filters
Flow system:
Quartz flow cuvette for laminar sample transport and hydrodynamic focussing
True Volumetric Absolute Counting (TVAC) based on mechanical volume measurement
Computer-controlled precision syringe pump, speed continuously adjustable from 0-20 µL/s
Software Windows™-based FCM software CyFlow for real-time data acquisition, real-time data analysis and real-time data display
Easy set-up of experimental templates (configuration files)
Flow Cytometry Standard (FCS) data format for storage of original and evaluated data
Dimensions Stand-alone instrument:  W 385mm x H 290mm x D 280mm
With Autoloading Station: W 745mm
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