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Due to improvements in screening and patient awareness, approximately 50% of breast lesions are impalpable at the time of diagnosis. The current gold standard to assist the surgeon in finding an impalpable lesion is a hookwire, or guidewire. These are usually placed on the morning of surgery. Wire-guided localisations (WGL) have been used since the 1960s and have several limitations, including migration of the wire, scheduling conflicts and patient dissatisfaction.

Magseed® has been specifically developed to overcome these issues. It promotes seamless operating room (OR) scheduling, accurate lesion localisation and patient satisfaction.

Our system consists of the Sentimag® probe and the Magseed® magnetic marker. First, the marker is placed under ultrasound or X-ray guidance up to 30 days before surgery. In the OR, the surgeon uses Sentimag® to precisely localise Magseed® and therefore the lesion.


Magseed® – Benefits for all

  • Organise the lesion localisation procedure to suit your needs
  • Can be placed 30 days in advance – better for patients, better for the clinical workflow
  • Greatly improved OR and radiology scheduling
  • 360-degree sensing and distance calculation for the best oncoplastic approach
  • Patient-centric approach: no radioactivity, reduced stress, minimal invasiveness
  • Sentimag® and Magseed® are FDA-cleared and CE-marked for lesion localisation


Endomag®, Sentimag®, Magseed® and Sienna+® are registered European Community Trademarks of Endomagnetics Ltd.

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