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CyFlow Space – its flexibility gives you the space you need for your work

The CyFlow Space is a high-performance multi-laser flow cytometer, which offers the most flexible, simple and reliable features for routine and research work.

It is a compact multi-colour instrument for the analysis of individual cells and microscopic particles in suspension. The advanced flow cytometry technology of the CyFlow Space covers a wide range of different applications.


  • Fluorescence excitation by one to five light sources covering a range from ultra-violet to red excitation lines. o Analysis of up to 13 fluorescence parameters and three physical light scattering parameters from near UV to infra-red light. 
  • Analysis of cell and particle concentration by True Volumetric Absolute Counting (TVAC). 
  • Cell sorting by an optional cell and particle sorter. 
  • Fixed standard configurations and flexible customised configurations tailored to the user´s requirement. 
  • Walk-away automation by sample auto-loading from 96- and 384-well plates.
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